About Me


Hi, I'm Aimee. And I'm a lot like you...


I am a wife, a mother of two, and a woman strongly committed to figuring out how to minimize stress and overwhelm and replace them with fulfillment and ease for myself and my family. 


As a mother, an ambitious goal-setter, and former vice president for a Fortune 500 company, the pressure I faced from within was fierce.  While the achievement mentality served me well in my 18-year corporate career, I struggled with the mindset shift between work and home once becoming a mother. 


Career had become the primary part of my identity prior to motherhood, but after giving birth in 2016, I experienced a deeply rooted knowing that it was time to re-shift my focus from one of outer attainment to one of internal attunement, as I was now establishing the lifelong ‘blueprint’ for my children (No pressure!).


I wanted very, very deeply, to be an extraordinary role model to my children and considered motherhood to be the most important role of my lifetime.  So, I got intentional with how I wanted to show up as a parent and became ruthless about my own personal development.


Since 2016, I’ve spent over $50,000 to work with multiple life coaches, teachers, and mentors, all while studying and applying personal growth practices, self-help methods, and coaching training techniques which have completely transformed my motherhood experience into one of patience, presence, and ease.


Deeply inspired by my own transformation, I now use these tools to help other moms experience their own shifts, from anxious and stressed out to present and fulfilled.  I believe my own journey, corporate experience, and personal improvement perspectives have prepared me to do this work.


As a mother, it is my firm belief that the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones is our own personal growth.  I did this for me and my family, and I would be honored to guide you to do this for you and yours. 


All my best,